Brisket on the grill propane

What You Need to Know to Grill Brisket on The Grill Propane

Just because you haven’t grilled a brisket before, does not mean you cannot try! Brisket on the grill propane is no big deal if you just put your heart into it. Know that there are some significant things you need to keep a track of, and the rest will be done automatically.


This is one of the initial stages during brisket grilling. The spice preparation is the step where you add all kinds of spices to make the powder paste. You can always change the ingredients as everyone prefers their style of brisket.

Ingredients needed to make the marination of your brisket on the grill propane

  • 2tbsp Brown Sugar
  • 1tbsp Salt
  • 1 1/2tbsp Onion Powder
  • 1tbsp Garlic Salt
  • 3-6lb Brisket fat intact
  • 1/4cup Paprika
  • 1tbsp Oregano

Quick Instructions

Here are the fast and easy steps that you need to follow. You can add steps if you want but know that these are the basic instructions that will help you ace brisket on the grill propane after a single try.

  1. Mix all the spices together in a large bowl
  2. Rub spices onto your brisket. Give it several turns to allow the spices to seep inside the brisket.
  3. Take out your drip pan and place it under the location of where you are going to place your brisket.
  4. After placing the drip pan, put the brisket over the grates where heat is indirect.
  5. After an hr is gone take out the drip pan and brush the drippings over the brisket again. This is a process that can be repeated multiple times to allow the spices to completely soak inside the brisket.
  6. After two or three turns, you are required to check if your brisket is tender enough. This can be done using a digital thermometer to check the temperature of the brisket or you can insert a knife to make a slit and judge by the color.

See, in just six simple steps you will be able to grill your brisket. Know that everything requires time and patience so you cannot rush it. Moreover, know the type of grill you have. These instructions are for propane gas grill, charcoal gas grills may have a different process

However, the main process of grilling brisket is the same, only a few changes are done. You can alter the amount of every spice you are adding to make your marination. This is simply depending upon your taste. The basic marination spices have been given above for your assistance.

Briskets come with a high nutritional value which is why we cannot miss having them from time to time. If cooked the right way and served with salad and some yummy mashed potatoes, there is no way your folks will not enjoy it.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your gas grill right now and start grilling briskets right away.


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